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Bhutan tour

Bhutan tour is an interesting guided trip with a skilled guide and reliable car. A tourist involves at the journey in the landlocked country with its beautiful river valleys, terraced fields, waterfalls and suspension bridges. There is an exquisite tour itinerary, including Cultural tour, festival tour, mountain bike tour, hiking tour, bird watching tour, spiritual tour, special interesting tour and fishing tour.

Bhutan tour is mysterious that is possible for couples of days to three weeks.  The small Himalayan kingdom is highly recommended for culture, art, and nature lovers.  Foreigners may explore a wildlife reserve, museums, archery sports, Chortens, and the beautiful monasteries with an incarnate Lama. An ancient fortress, annual festivals, fairs, day sightseeing, hiking, shopping, photographs, and traditional cultivation of the terraced fields, Himalaya views, and the green hill with a fresh air is fascinating.

Bhutan tour is worth to know the Vajrayana Buddhism and the Bhutanese lifestyle. The folk songs, ethos, custom, dress, picturesque villages, waterfalls, plants, forest, flora, fauna, and the friendly people will be remarkable. Visitors can take a fresh vegetable and seasonal fruit from local’s garden. Locals plow by two oxen on the terraced fields to plant a rice, potato, and wheat. Men (Gho) and women (Kira) use a typical dress in the village.  Contact in Yeti Trail Adventure for the trip experience and further information.

Bhutan tour Package

Thimpu, Bhutan

Glimpse of Bhutan Tour

Duration: 3 night 4 days trip
Activities: tour
Start and end: Paro
Place of visit: Paro

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