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Fixed departure trips

Fixed departure trips offer the joining holiday activities for the lonely travelers.  The holiday package sells in Kathmandu. Tourist can choose a relevant trip in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and India, including trekking, hiking, climbing, tour, sightseeing, cycling, and rafting and jungle safari in the best season. Yeti Trail Adventure will depart minimum 2 people and maximum 20 people in a group. We inform you a number of joined people.  Your trips may be cheaper because of the joining visitors and sharing the guide, porter, vehicle, and accommodation.

Fixed departure trips are interesting in all kinds of tourist. Travelers visit Nepal from the different parts of the world with different nationals.  They will be a same family during the journey. Tourists share accommodation, cuisines, culture, tradition, and their experience which will be a milestone in the group. They normally enjoy their holiday together with lots of fun. You will have a wonderful time amidst new colleagues in the social journey.

Fixed departure trips are available in the Yeti Trail Adventure in Nayabazar, Kathmandu. Each tourist can explore nature, culture, and the Himalayan views. We provide you a professional guide, cook, porter and helpers for your comfort and safety. Visitors will enjoy the family environment. Dear travelers welcome to join the following journey according to your time, budget and wants. Your trip will be remarkable rest of the life. Save your time and money, which used directly to your service. The details of a trip and departure date will inform you. The difference holiday trips and available dates are below.

Fixed Departure Trips Fixed Departure in 2017 Trip Duration
Kathmandu full day tour 6 hours sightseeing
Annapurna base camp trek February: 13 March: 7 April: 28 September: 15, 29 October: 3, 17 November: 2, 16 7 days hiking
Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking 3 days to 5 days hiking
Everest base camp trek March: 7, 23 April: 21 May: 26 September: 15 October: 6, 20 November: 2 12 days hiking
Langtang Valley trek February: 4 March: 3 April: 25 May: 8 September: 5 October: 8 November: 12 8 days hiking