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India Tour

India tour is an awesome experience within the world heritage sites, sunny beaches, bazaars, temples, holy rivers, festival celebrations, national parks, forts, cave, wetlands, and the mountain viewpoints. The most popular tour packages include Goa’s beaches tour, Varanasi Tour, Taj Mahal Tour, Darjeeling and Sikkim tour, Buddha Steps tour, Delhi, Mumbai and Calcutta tour, Jammu and Kashmir tour, India Heritage Tour, North and South India tour, Pilgrimage tour, Culture and Festival tour, Wildlife tour, Shopping tour and Special interest tours.

India tour lasts a few days to several weeks with the twenty-nine UNESCO heritage sites, including twenty-three cultural and six natural. There are innumerable ethnic groups with least 800 spoken languages. The dress, cuisine, vibrant culture, tradition, and religious custom are exquisite. Foreigners may explore a tea States, agriculture farm, animal farm, nightlife, and the mountain hiking. Dharamsala city is famous among the Buddhists to meet the two renowned monks as you know the Dalai Lama (14th incarnation) and Karmapa (17th incarnation).

India tour is accessed throughout Nepal by an air and overland. Delhi airport connects with a flight to Kathmandu and many other cities of the world. India tour package is interesting and affordable for all kinds of visitors. Geographically the country is seventh biggest in the world. Indian people are friendly with their food habit, tradition, and lifestyle. The scenery is beautiful with beaches and mountains. A meditation and spiritual tour are also popular there. Contact to Yeti Trail Adventure in Kathmandu for the tour package and further information.