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Elephant Polo in Nepal

Elephant Polo in Nepal is an international outdoor sport that is played on a large grassy area by two teams riding on an elephant, try to score a goal by hitting a small ball with a long wooden hammer. Players use a proper length of the bamboo hammer and a standard ball. It is similar to horse polo that arranges in Meghauly nearby the Chitwan National Park. The co-founder is James Manclark and Jim Edwards (owner of the former Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge that was inside the Park). It is held annually in December. It is affiliated with The World Elephant Polo Association (WEPA). Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge has hosted Elephant Polo since 1982.

Chitwan National Park has listed the World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1984. It is a tropical jungle with the wild elephant, one horn rhino, and Royal Bengal tiger. This is an extremely funny tournament. If your interest, welcome to Nepal in December to enjoy it with wildlife safari. Explore an indigenous Tharu people with their culture and lifestyle. Contact us for the information on Yeti Trail Adventure.