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Guide and porter Service

Guide and porter service Nepal

Guide and porter service play important roles in Nepal during a trekking holiday. A professional hiking team required for a safety and comfortable journey. Annually, international media broadcasts that trekkers have missed. The forest trail with wildlife, instant changing weather, avalanche, and landslide might be reasons missing case. If you arrange at least one guide or porter, you will be safe in the remote region. A professional trekking guide and porter are useful and others are problems. The knowledgeable mountain guide and porters are available in Kathmandu, Lukla, and Pokhara.

Guide and porter service is available in the Yeti Trail Adventure. We have all guides and porters are experienced and skilled.  They have been mountain numerous times. Porter carries 20 kg trekking gears with acting as a guide and speaks little bit English. Trekking guide must have a license after training authorized by the Nepal government. The trekking routes, environment, and culture in Annapurna, Langtang, and Everest region are different. Yak and mule also used to carry trekker’s gears. The cost of a mountain guide and porter are different with the duration and trekking area.  Day to day camp has already fixed in traditional routes; however, few clients want longer camp. Guide and porter expect more wages for this service.  The guide must know the mountain trail, culture, weather, and the warm behavior to a tourist.  

Nepal Trekking Porter

Nepal trekking porter physically fits boy or girl carry trekker’s backpack in fixed price. They usually carry rucksack by a tumpline. Another name of a porter is the Sherpa.  He does security in a camp during the night with a Knife in the camping trek. Sherpa is the family name of the renowned humorous Highlander in Everest Region who lives above 3500 meters. Tourists happily call ‘Sherpa’ for a porter. All the Nepalese youngsters are from a village in Nepal. They are equal, value and enough strong to carry a heavy load during the trekking trip.

Nepal trekking porter makes your journey comfortable. Tourists easily carry a camera, water bottle, and a day bag. Sherpa carries the rucksacks and brings them at the camp or lodge on time. Tourist will have enough time for rest and a photograph if they hire a porter. Numerous Porter is working in the mountain tourism.  After few years’ working experience porters will promote a guide. Some 10000 professional porters are in Nepal.

Nepal Trekking Guide                                                                                                           

Nepal Trekking Guide must take 2 months training in Nepal Academy of Tourism after 2 years experience in the mountain tourism. He should know a language, trekking routes, first-aid knowledge, conservation and environment rules. He works in remuneration, does a management, and explains all necessary information. A physically fit with a good behavior leader is the most for guiding. The guide helps when you feel sick, helps to choose a route, diversions, and make an environment to interact with the local people.

Nepal Trekking Guide recommended for a comfortable and safe journey. He is knowledgeable to explain things seen and not seen. The guide also explains in a subject of religion, tradition, architecture, history, cuisine, flora, fauna and mountain, weather, and the possible hazard. The guide does an assistant guide in Mount Kailas in Tibet. Approximate some 7500 trekking guides are in Nepal.

Nepal Tour Guide

Nepal Tour Guide must take at least 3 months training after bachelor’s degree in Nepal Academy of Tourism. He explains the heritage sites, history, culture, art, architecture, lifestyle, cuisines, museum, and city with remuneration. The guide should have knowledge of ancient monuments. In Nepal, difference languages speaking guides are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, and German. Guides are saying a non-paid ambassador of the country. They do an assistant guide in Tibet, India, and Bhutan.

There are at least 3500 licensed holder tour guides in Nepal, however, 400 are working in the tourism sector. They have a Tour Guide Association of Nepal known as the TURGAN based in Kathmandu. The TURGAN has been fixing out their remuneration. Except for above-mentioned guides, there are also available Climbing, Rafting and Expedition Guides in Nepal. They are professional in their own sector. Both male and female professional guides are available in Nepal. The numbers of female guides are less from the male guides. Contact in Yeti Trail Adventure for the guide and porter hiring in competitive price.