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Hiking in Nepal

Hiking in NepalHiking in Nepal offers a days’ walking trip into the mountain by foot along the trails of green hill and terraced field of countryside. Feel the sound of breeze in hill station, with a view of gorges valley and snowcapped mountains. The great exercise could make your holiday worthy. Explore the Nepalese people and theirs lifestyle, culture and festival along the hiking trail. Enjoy the sound of rooster and domestic animals in the village with an agriculture base culture. Take a small car drive to reach a hiking place. Do the preparation with proper shoes, camera, energy bar and enough water. Follow the guide, enjoy the scenarios, take a photograph and make rest when you feel tired.

Hiking in Nepal will be an unforgettable moment. Enjoy the smiling presentation of locals when you meet them and speak English slowly they could reply if could not understand their pronunciation, take a help of your guide. Do not encourage the beggars in addition you can help the social community if you want, contribute small donation in Nepal. Day temperature will be warm, wear a t-shirt and put sun lotion to be safe from sun light. Enjoy your trip with serene environment with the fresh air of nature.

Drink plenty of water while walking. Take a help of your guide to make your own photo with Himalayan scenery. There are several choices of hiking where to go. There are few popular places in Kathmandu and Pokhara for the hiking trip such as Nagarkot, Nagarjuna, Namo Buddha, Sarangkot, World Peace Pagoda and Dhampus.

Hiking in Nepal is an opportunity to follow the zigzag trails along the river valley. Visitors can choose a place where to go according to their time and interest. You could encounter wildlife, holy shrines during the long hiking trip. A lovely sound of birds in their nest during the sunrise and sunset time would be nostalgia to you. Be safe while in Remote Mountain; follow the mountain rule and guides’ advice.

A moment of hiking would be enjoyment of tranquility and pleasure. See the method of cultivate to terrace field. Farmers grow potato, wheat, rice, millets and mustard seed in the farm and green vegetables in their garden. We provide you a hiking guide and car for hiking starting and ending points for your comfortable. If you take a long hiking trip you could sleep overnight at village guesthouse, otherwise you could back to your hotel after few hours excursion. Our guide briefs about the hiking trails, nature and surrounding environment. A hiking time could be 3 to 5 hours in average. Join with us for hiking experience. We assist you to make your trip comfortable. We provide detail information to the hiking area. See some Nepal hiking package in below.

Hiking Package

Sankhu Nagarkot Hiking

Sankhu Nagarkot hiking starts after 40 minutes car riding from Kathmandu that is 20 km far to the northeast from the capital city. One-day hike starts from Sankhu village 1500m high above sea level that takes 3 hours time to get Nagarkot 1920m high above sea level.

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Changu Narayan Nagarkot Hiking

Changu Narayan Nagarkot hiking starts after 45 minutes car riding from Kathmandu. You can visit first Changunarayan Temple which enlisted world heritage site knows as protector God Narayan in Hindu religion.

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Nagarjuna Hiking

Nagarjuna hiking is close to the Kathmandu city center also 3km west of Thamel. Here will be 5 hours hike trip that starts after short car riding. This is also a part of Shivapuri National Park. You should pay some entrance before starting your trip.

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Sarangkot Hiking

Sarangkot hiking gives a real hiking experience that is close to Pokhara. It is a 6 hours trip starts from north side of Phewa Lake after short drive from Lakeside. It is a day hiking in Pokhara start with an altitude of 830m and you will get at the top with an altitude of 1592m high above sea level.

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