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Lumbini Day Tour

Lumbini day tour is an impressive sightseeing with a professional guide and a car through the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama to his father’s palace Tilaurakot. This trip is interesting to wander three squares master plan includes a sacred pond, ancient ruins, Maya Devi Temple, Ashokan Pillar, museum, Vajrayana and Theravada monasteries, world peace lamp, forest and Lumbini village. Lumbini (200 m) listed the UNESCO’s world heritage site in 1997. We will visit this master plan for the half-day tour and Tilaurakot for the full-day tour.

Lumbini day tour offers to visit Terai Region of Nepal that is 305 km southwest of Kathmandu and 22 km west of Bhairahawa Airport. Prince Siddhartha was born in 623 BC nearby a sacred pond. Enjoy an excursion through the renowned world heritage site. Lumbini Development Trust imagined a plan for an international tourist attraction and Japanese architect Kenzo Tange designed in 1978. Kapilvastu is 27 km west of the sacred garden where is a palace of the King Suddodhana.  Prince Siddhartha spent his first 29 years there.

Lumbini day tour is an experience. Touch a peaceful land and fell close with Buddha. Take lovely photographs during a trip that start early in the morning around 9 o’clock at a hotel with a tour guide and car. Read the further information below.

Lumbini Day Tour Package

Lumbini full day tour

Lumbini full-day tour

Duration: 6:00 hours
Transportation: Private car
Tour start and end: Lumbini at your hotel
Best time: September to May

Trip Details
Lumbini half day tour

Lumbini half-day tour

Duration: 3:00 hours
Transportation: van
Tour start and end: Lumbini at your hotel
Best time: September to May

Trip Details