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Lumbini half-day tour

Lumbini half-day tour is interesting to visit Lumbini Garden and Monastic Zones with a professional guide.  The tour starts every day at a tourist hotel.  The UNESCO-listed cultural world heritage site since 1997. Enjoy a birthplace of Prince Siddhartha in 3 hours time with little walking. After the trip, we drop off at a hotel or Bhairahawa Airport.

Lumbini half-day tour is a short trip, however, interesting to the time-limited tourist to visit an extremely holy place. Take beautiful photographs of monuments, holy pond, Ashokan Pillar, birds and the surrounding environment. Ask new thing seen or not seen with your guide.  Read further information and sightseeing place below.

Sacred Pond & Ashokan Pillar

Once there were forest garden and a sacred pond. Maya Devi is the mother of Prince Siddhartha, is said to have bathed the pond. The restored form of pond lies nearby a Bodhi tree. The Ashokan Pillar is approximate 50-60 ton heavy, excellent carving cylinder shape, smooth rock believed brought by Emperor Ashok in 249 BC. Read an evidence of the Birthplace of Prince Gautama with written stone inscription in Pali language. The crack middle portion of the pillar is said, destroyed by a thunderbolt in the 7th century. King Ripu Mall also visited in 1312 with an evidence the mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum can see here. 

Maya Devi Temple

Visit Maya Devi Temple where is a marker stone in a bulletproof glass that is believed an exact birthplace of Prince Siddhartha. Once there was a large Bodhi tree, however, it damaged the temple, later it cut down and restored. Every year in Baisakh on the full moon day held a festival by The Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims at Maya Devi Temple. The nativity sculpture is interesting with an acting of a delivery time of the Prince.

Monastic Zone & Others

Walkthrough a world peace lamp to the monastic zones of 42 plots, including traditional monastery with Vajrayana and Theravada Buddhism that represents different countries such as German, Chinese, Burmese, Mahabodhi Society and Thailand with different architectures. The museum, Lumbini village, and surrounding environment are noticeable.



Trip Cost Includes

  • All entrance fees during tour.
  • Professional tour guide.
  • Salary to guide and driver.
  • Car with hotels pick and drop.


Trip Cost Excludes

  • Personal expenses.
  • Lunch and drink.
  • Tip to guide and driver.



Trip Facts

  • Duration: 3:00 hours
  • Transportation: Private car/van/bus
  • Tour start and end: Lumbini at your hotel
  • Best time: September to May
  • Tour place: Lumbini heritage site