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Nepal Pilgrimage Tour

Nepal Pilgrimage Tour offers to visit a holy site of the Hindu, Buddhist, and other religions. The country is rich for a spiritual satisfaction with its holy shrine, river, lake, mountain, and cave. The architecture, woodcarving, stone sculpture, erotic carving of a temple, stupa, monastery, church, mosque, and Shakti Pith are notable. Trips are accessible by car, bus, and helicopter. 

Nepal Pilgrimage Tour is an exploration of the religious activities such as a male animal sacrifice, worshiping, devotional singing with a dance, taking initiation, ritual bath, wedding, offering votive lamps and cloth, flower, colors, wine, fruits, meat, money, and Bell. People have built a temple, monument, statue, waterspout, rest house, and Chautara for a religious purpose, a memory of the late parent, and relatives for their rebirth, liberation and rest in the peaceful heaven.

Nepal Pilgrimage Tour takes to a sacred place of Hindu, Buddhist, Kirat, and others. The most popular Buddhist and Hindu sites are Manakamana, Pashupatinath, Muktinath, Gosainkunda, Swayambunath, Boudhanath, Namo Buddha, Tal Barahi, Bindya Basini, Sleeping Vishnu, Dakshinkali, Devghat, Baraha Chhetra, Badi Malika, Dolakha Bhimsen, Pathivara, Gadi Mai, Raj Devi Temple, Ganga Jamuna, Dhola Mandali, Palanchowk Bhagavati, Janakpurdham, Halesi Mahadev, Kakre Bihar, Lumbini, Tilaurakot, and Pharping Cave. Nepal pilgrims tour packages are below.

Nepal Pilgrimage Tour Package

Hindu pilgrimage tour

Hindu pilgrimage tour

Duration: 9 days tour
Activities: tour
Maximum Altitude: 3800 m
Tour start and end: Kathm

Trip Details
Buddhist pilgrimage tour Nepal

Buddhist pilgrimage tour

Duration: 7 days tour
Best Time: September to May
Maximum Altitude: 1350 m
Himalayan Sights: Annapurna

Trip Details