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Rock climbing in Nepal

Rock climbing in Nepal is an adventure outdoor activity for thrill seekers in the manmade and natural spot. The former experience and stamina with a balance, power, and techniques are essential for the sport. Nepal has numerous wild spots. A tourist can join in Kathmandu and Himalaya Region. A climbing guide is required for a safe trip. September to May is the best season for the climb.                                                                                     

Rock climbing in Nepal available in Kathmandu Valley, such as Nagarjuna and Shivapuri forest. Nagarjuna has a climbing spot at 1500 m, just 5 km west of Thamel. Shivapuri forest has another spot at 2000 m, 16 km north of Kathmandu. There are easy to strenuous climbing courses. Participants can take short hiking with bird watching. They will enjoy views of Kathmandu Valley, green hill, and snow-covered mountain. This place is in Shivapuri National Park with pine, broad-leaved, oak and Quercus semecarpifolia tree, snow leopard, deer, and bird.        

Nepal rock climbing is not an expedition trip, it is a short climb with practices. Kathmandu does have a wall climbing spot known as Pasang Lhamu Rock Climbing. There are different rock surfaces in Annapurna, Langtang, and Everest Region. National Park fee and precaution required before the trip. Contact in Yeti Trail Adventure for the climbing experience with a guide, itinerary, cost, and permit.