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Skydiving in Nepal

Skydiving in Nepal is an adventure sport for thrill seekers that jump by a helicopter into the Himalaya valley. The visitor can fall into an open sky before the parachute opened. The trip starts nearby the Mount Everest and land at the Syangboche Airport (3720 m) just above the Namche Bazaar. Everest Base Camp is about 275 km air distance from Kathmandu. Namche Bazar is 241 km air distance far from Kathmandu. This is a new sport was started the first time in 2008. It seems incredible with the high altitude nearby the Mt. Everest.

Skydiving in Nepal offers few days trekking to approach the spot and to acclimatize the human body. Without a former experience, it can be difficult to take part in the trip. Pokhara is another place for the sport. Pokhara is 204 km west of Kathmandu by the land surface. The Himalaya views are interesting. Necessary documents are required for the processing before the jump. Except for few accidents in the past day, this game is safe nowadays with excellent management in Nepal. Former experience and training are welcome to it. Enjoy a few days trekking before the trip in Everest Region and few days’ tour before the trip in Pokhara. The trip needs a helicopter, helper, and other staff supply the goods in remote therefore it is a quite expensive tour. Contact with Yeti Trail Adventure for the trip experience.