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Village Tour in Nepal

Village tour in Nepal offers to explore the traditional settlements in a terraced field. The country has 36000 villages, including beehive block, clustered, dispersed and lonelier houses with a roof of thatch, slate, steel, wood, and tile. Small to large villages are composes 5 to 200 houses with single and joint families. The farmers have their own farm, animal husbandry, tradition, culture, religion, dress, cuisine, and festival. The village has green, clean air, and quiet environment, which is far from modern technology. Egalitarian people live in the village community.

Village tour in Nepal is interesting with the view of green hills, snow-capped mountain, and terraced field. A unique temperature, neither cold nor a hot stays in the summer and winter season. We learn new thing from a helpful and smiling farmer in a rural community. They do welcome national and international tourist to their settlement.

An activity of plowing the field with oxen, marriage ceremony and festival with music is remarkable. They make millet and rice wine for the festival and daily use. The cultural show is lovely with a folk song, ethical dance and musical drum. Enjoy the seasonal fruits’ juice and local bread. They cut grass and leaf for cattle, carry loads with a tumpline, harvesting, cremation, arrange marriage and traditional bread and sweet that is carried by a newly married couple to their home. 

Village tour in Nepal is popular to the Ghalegaon, Briddim, Sirubari, Namje, and north of the Pokhara. Home-stay village is unique with the concept of a sustainable tourism development. This is a small family business with hopes to create an employment rate in the country. They give clean toilet and bathroom to the guest.

Enjoy local cuisine with family. Sleep overnight at home in a village. Nepali society is multi-racial, multi-lingual and plural cultural society. The 125-ethnic and caste groups are in the country. Sometimes an act of faith healer and a cultural show can be observed. Careful and help to stop the negative impact of their culture and tradition. Please contact in Yeti Trail Adventure for the village trip. Read the further information and packages below.

Village Tour in Nepal Package

Sirubari Village, Syangja, Nepal

Sirubari village tour

Duration: 9 Days
Activities: tour
Maximum Altitude: 1680 m
Grade of trip: Soft

Trip Details
Ghale Gaun Village Tour

Ghale Gaun Village Tour

Duration: 8 Days
Activities: tour
Grade of trip: medium
Mountain Views: Annapurna

Trip Details
Namje Village Nepal

Namje Village


Trip Details