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Yeti is a large ape-like hairy creature known as the Abominable Snowman or Bigfoot. The mythical humanoid mentioned 6ft to 8ft tall often stands upright, body covered with thick brown or black fur without a tail. Its diet includes small mammals, fruit, vegetable, and cattle. It lives in the cave and forest near the snow line as well as in the higher part of the Himalaya in Nepal, Tibet, Australia, Scotland, North-Western USA, and the North-Eastern Sikkim. The awesome creature called Yeti in Nepal, snowman, Mehton Kangmi, and Chemo in Tibet, Loch Ness monster in Scotland, the elusive Bunyip in Australia, Megue in Bhutan and Sikkim, Sasquatch and Bigfoot in the United States.  In Tibetan language, it translates yeh-the or migyu literally means the Abominable Snowman. In western Nepal, people call long-eared monster (Lamkarna). Mountaineers claimed as they have seen during an expedition or trekking trip, nevertheless, nobody has taken any photograph in a close range. The mountain people occasionally explain a fable of the mysterious creature. Yoshiteru Takahashi claimed to have found a yeti cave on the slopes of Dhaulagiri in 2003, said his camera froze before the photo. The expedition to Rolwaling led by Edmund Hillary was to track the Yeti in 1960.

Yeti lives in the Himalaya Region, wanders into the snow-covered mountain, and cave and attack domestic animals. It has long feet facing backward than a man. In Nepal, the mammal used to live in the Dole nearby Gokyo Valley in Everest Region. Once it killed a local woman between Mong La and Dole on 1 January 1998. The H. W. Tillman and Lord Hunt found its track on Zemu Glacier in Sikkim in 1937. The Major L. A. Wassell found its footprint in the northeastern Sikkim. Eric Shipton found its footprint in the Menlung Glacier, Everest region in 1951. The rock climber, Don Whillans found it on Everest in 1970. The late Tenzing Norgay claimed that he saw the mighty creature. It also believes the humanoid lives in Mt. Kailas in Tibet. Reinhold Messner also saw the mysterious human in Tibet in 1986. The hand of the yeti in Pangboche Monastery, Everest disappeared in 1990, rumors say it had sold to Hollywood actor James Stewart, later his wife exported to the United Kingdom.

Yeti was in the past, cannot see nowadays, and is being curious. Mountaineers and local people are being frightened its encounter. Everest trekkers can glimpse its scalps in the Khumjung Monastery. A documentary video has also made in Nepal. Gokyo and Rolwaling Valley believed their habitat. The abominable snowman is extremely popular amidst the trekkers, climbers, and local people. Sir Edmund Hillary carried out a skull to America for an examination and study in 1960.The report said that it was a bear-like mammal. It is rare to proof except for an imagination. The invisible snowman is the boon of nature used to live in the Himalayan region. You are always welcome in Nepal to discover the mythical creature and its phenomenal evidence. Join a hiking or climbing journey in Nepal to explore it. Contact in Yeti Trail Adventure for the tour of Khumjung Village and Gokyo Valley to discover the mysterious humanoid.