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Tibet is a roof of the world that lies in the western China with a border of Burma, India, Bhutan, and Nepal in the south. There were numerous ethnic groups before the 7th century. The beginning of 7th century, King Songtsan Gampo unified the Tubo Kingdom, which established an autonomous region in April 1956. It covers 1.2 million Sq Km land with approximate 2 million populations. Lhasa is the municipality with six prefectures, including Ngari, Shigatse, Chamdo, Lhoka, Nyingtri, and Nakchu.

Tibet is filled with deep gorges, high Himalaya, hill, plain land, ice land, volcanic land, wind-sanded, lakes, and rivers. It has a cold climate with an average height of the 4000 m above the sea level. There are least 120 rivers, such as Ganges, Indus, Mekong, Yilowade, Brahmaputra, and Salween. The four mountains of Nepal, including Mt. Everest, Mt. Cho Oyu, Mt. Shishapangma and Mt. Makalu are bordered it.

Tibet is an adventure and incredible place for tourists. Lhasa is the capital city and a focal point for travelers. Potala Palace (7th century) and Jokhang Monastery is enlisted a heritage site in 1994 by the UNESCO. The Plateau has at least 1500 lakes, including the 47 lakes with 100 Sq Km big. Manasarovar Lake (4510 m) and Mt Kailas (6714 m) is the famous pilgrimage site in the world. Guru Padmasambhava had lived in the 8th century for a meditation. He denied the Bon religion and established Nyingmapa Sect Buddhism. Tibetans liked him very much and used to call him Guru Rinpoche. The lifestyle of the Highlander, food habits, Buddhism traditions, culture and nature of landscapes motivate travel lovers around the world. An alpine tour and trekking packages are recommended there. Contact in Yeti Trail Adventure to visit Tibet from Kathmandu.

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