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Tibet Trekking

Tibet trekking is an adventure journey on foot especially in the rugged Mountain Valley, such as the Mount Kailash Circuit. The walking journey above 4000 meters with the Shangri-La land is fascinating. Buddhism practices, ancient culture, tradition and friendly people are noticing. A professional guide and jeep to the hiking point are available. Everest Base Camp Trek, Mt Kailash Trek, Ganden Samye Trek, Kharta Valley Trek, Namtso Lake Trek, Simikot Kailash Trek and Yangpachen Nomadic Trek is the popular itinerary.

Tibet trekking lasts few days to three weeks. The adventure trip in a roof of the world is always strenuous without training and experience. To avoid high altitude sickness physically and mentally fit into the thin air Valley is required. Foreigners can explore the nomadic life, mountain wildlife, pilgrimage center, cave, Chorten, monastery, nunnery and the Himalayan views. Skilled Sherpa, trekking guide, and a cook are essential for comfort and safety. Plenty of liquids, such as soup, water and hot food with warm clothes or positive thinking during the trekking holiday is recommended.

Tibet trekking is a living memory for adventure lovers. This is an opportunity to visit the land of Dalai Lama, Padmasambhava, and their disciples. The holiest pilgrimage centers Mt. Kailash and Manasarovar Lake are believed the hometown of the
God Shiva. The magical views of Mt. Everest, wildlife, land of the mythical Yeti, Tibetan dress, ornaments, cuisine, lifestyle, profession and the practice of Tibetan Buddhism are notable. Contact in Yeti Trail Adventure for the hiking experience. We provide you details information.