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Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is the most popular sport in Nepal for thrill-seekers located in Bhote Koshi, Sindhupalchok (1999 AD), Hemja, Pokhara (2014 AD), and Kushma, Parbat (2020 AD). Nepal bungee jumping is very safe with exceptional management fastening a long elastic rope to the visitor's legs. An experienced jumpmaster checks the participant's physical the mental condition before the plunge. 

Nepal's first Bhote Koshi bungee jumping in Listikot Sindhupalchok lies 12 km west of the Nepal-China border (Kodari) and 103 km east of Kathmandu (3 hours by private car). Nepal's second-highest Bhote Koshi bungee jump presents a 160-meter jump at the suspension bridge over the Bhote Koshi river.

New Zealand's leading consultant designed the 166 m wide steel bridge, with 4.5 tons capacity by swiss measurement. The river valley dotted a village, resort, forest, waterfall, and cliff. Tourists spend overnight at a beautiful resort across the bridge. Overnight accommodation is available in Bahrabise, a few kilometres from the bungee station. Tourist explores a village lifestyle with local tradition. The world's adventure Bhote Koshi rafting with Canyoning combines the two-nights three-day tour. 

Nepal's second Pokhara bungee jumping opened in Hemja on 21st September 2014, 7 km north of Lakeside, Pokhara (20 minutes driving). Participant plunges 70 meters jump with the view of Annapurna and Seti river valley. Every day 30-40 people join the Hemja bungee jump.

Nepal's third Kushma bungee jumping opened in January 2020. The bungee station is 62 km west of Pokhara and reached in 3 hours of driving. Kushma is a municipality (18th May 2014), bazaar, and headquarters of the Parbat district. The bungee plunges from the Kushma-Balewa suspension bridge (520 meters) over the Kali Gandak river between Parbat and Baglung districts. The Kali Gandaki bungee jump (228 meters/748 feet) is the highest bungee jump in Nepal (the second-highest bungee jump in the world). 

The bungee was successfully tested in January 2020 by The Cliff Nepal Team. Participants visit the resort, slingshot swing and views of mountains, village and river valley. Adventure seekers, college students, foreigners and locals appreciate Nepal bungy jumping. Contact us for the bungee jump booking. 

The following Participants do not allow to jump

1. High blood pressure

2. Heart disease

3. Orthopaedic problems

4. Epilepsy

5. Neurological problems

6. Pregnancy

7. Addiction to alcohol or drugs

8. Psychological problems

9. Neurological problems