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Caves in Pokhara

Caves in Pokhara

Gupteshwor Cave

Gupteshwor Cave is most popular with limestone figures and Lord Shiva temple. The cave located in Pokhara Municipality 17, Chorepatan at Siddhartha highway, 2 km away from Pokhara Airport. According to the astrologer, Nir Bikram Paudel who had dreamt at 2:30 a.m. on Dec 24, 1992, someone told him to manage a cave with temple God Shiva. In the morning, he found the location mentioned in his dream. They manage the cave with light. It believed Gupteshwor cave is 16th-century old. An entrance offers to visit the cave, 100 Rupee for tourist and 50 for SAARC nationals. 

There are two portions including the first 40 meters with a natural Shiva Lingam, Serpent deity at Lord Shiva Temple, limestone figures, and holy Cowshed. The second part is 100 meters long with the waterfall (David Falls)  scene and limestone figures. End of the first section has a narrow path. However, Guptteshwar Management Committee provides electricity light. Annual 600000 visitors with domestic and foreign tourists visit the cave. The cave is beneficial for religious, educational, research tour. Souvenir shops established around. Tibetan village situated in a walking distance. June to September cave can close.

Mahendra Cave

The cave located in Pokhara Municipality,16 Batuley Chaur, which takes 30 minutes taxi from Lakeside Pokhara.  Mahendra Cave (Adhero Bhuwan as an old name) found by the local people in 1951. When a tiger killed their cattle, they chased to kill the tiger, in addition, found a hidden cave. King Mahendra travelled to Pokhara and visited the cave. Afterwards, he preserved in 1959 by the name, Mahendra Cave. There are limestone figures on the rocks with an electric line. The cave is 200 meters length with Shiva temple.  Every year 400000 internal and foreign tourist visit there. The entrance fees are 150 for tourist, 80 for SAARC, and 80 for Nepali people.

Bat Cave

Bat Cave is known as Chamere Gufa in the Nepali language situated near Mahendra Cave. It located north of KI Singh Bridge, a few kilometres away from Pokhara city. A taxi or local bus accessed to visit there. Near a forest, the little cave has a narrow exit with interesting habitat for chirruping bats over its walls and ceilings. Nature lovers can enjoy thousands of bats with limestone figures. Few rocks seem like a tiger, elephant and snake. Spring season is the best time to observe the bat. Pokhara valley recorded 11 types bats out of 51 species in Nepal. A flashlight and small entrance for tourist 110, SAARC 60, Nepali 50 Rupees required to visit the cave. However, there are equally small caves in Pokhara valley such as Kumari cave, Harihar cave.