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Why travel in Nepal

Why travel in Nepal is an important question to answer, to visit the top of the world Mt. Everest (8848 m), the deepest gorge Kali Gandaki (6967 m), the birthplace (Lumbini) of Lord Buddha, the deepest valley Arun Valley (8391 m) and the Living Goddess ‘Kumari’. The white water rafting, wildlife safari, bungee jump, trekkingtour, Mountain flight is never forgettable in your life. A vibrant culture, tradition, history, nature, art, food habit, festival, religious harmony and warm hospitality are unique. Nepal is a landlocked country with 1300 mountain peaks, including eight of the 14 tallest summits in the world. The sunrise and sunset views change the mountain’s color. One-hour Everest flight takes you the highest part of the world. Nepal is a recreational dreamland for holiday lovers. You can meet the village of the Sherpa and the city of the Gurkha in Nepal.

Why travel in Nepal, to visit the most popular Hindu Temples, including Pashupatinath and Muktinath.  You can interact with the Sadhus and locals. Nepal occupied 20% land by the 10 national parks, 3 conservation areas, 3 wildlife reserves 11 buffer zones and 1 hunting reserve. You can discover the 181 mammals, including one horn rhinoceros, Royal Bengal Tiger, snow leopard, red panda, wild buffalo, monkey, blue sheep, musk deer, and the Himalayan black bear. The country is an ecological dreamland that has 884 types of bird, 600 types of butterflies, 1000 medicinal plants, 32 types of rhododendron flowers, and 319 species of orchid flowers.

The hunting and gathering group (Raute) lives west of Nepal whose history dated back to 10000 years. They have a barter system, exchange wooden goods with rice. Nepal has 36000 villages with a unique lifestyle, dress, food habit and festival. The country has 125 ethnic groups with 123 spoken languages. Nepali people are friendly and humorous travelers get respect in Nepal.

Why travel in Nepal, to participate in adventure trip, including wildlife safari, bird watching, skydiving, fishing, rafting, Paragliding, hot air balloon, Bungee jumping, canyoning, tour, hiking, cycling, expedition, rock climbing, meditation, golf, and zip flyer. An expedition over the highest summits, white water rafting on the sixteen rivers at a choice of rapid, fishing and swimming is an experience in Nepal.

Convention centers are available in Kathmandu and Pokhara for the business meeting. A day sightseeing and Mountain biking in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini, and Annapurna will be interesting. Nepalese and international cuisine with an organic coffee, tea, and seasonal juice is available in Nepal. Souvenirs are available in the world heritage sites. Nepal has warm, cool and cold places because of the land is ranging from 60 meters to 8848 meters high above the sea level.