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Temples in Kathmandu Valley

Temples in Kathmandu Valley

Temples in Kathmandu Valley are every corner remarkable by blessing Hindu and Buddhist sacred sites. Kathmandu is a city of temples with indigenous Newar art and vibrant culture. Devotees visit the temples forever, though numerous people pay homage on Saturdays. A monk, nun, priest, layman, household, and youngster participate in the spiritual tour. 

Temples in the Kathmandu Valley are most popular to thousands of pilgrims to witness their favourite deities. Kathmandu Valley is the home of seven world heritage sites of UNESCO. The fifth-century Pashupatinath Temple is renowned to all over the world Hindus. Swayambhunath Stupa is well-known for Buddhists. Jame Masjid is sacred to Muslims. Ancient time spiritual leaders used to meditate in Kathmandu Valley. Padmasambhava was the one to meditate in Pharping in the 8th century. Nagarjuna visited Nagarjun Hill for meditation. A festival can be seen almost every week in the Kathmandu Valley. The holy temple is a pilgrim's happiness. Kathmandu Valley's most visited temples are below. 

Kathmandu District

1. Pashupatinath Temple (Pashupati) - 5th century

2. Guhyeshwari Temple (Pashupati) - 17th century

3. Swayambhunath Stupa (Swayambhu) - 5th century

4. Ichangu Narayan (Swayambhu) - 5th century

5. White Gompa (Nagarjun Municipality) - 1960

6. Jame Masjid (Ghanta Ghar)

7. Chandra Binayak (Chabahil) - 17th century

8. Sapana Tirtha Temple (Tokha)

9. Chandeshwori Temple (Tokha)

10. Naradevi Temple (Naradevi) - 12th century

11. Pachali Bhairabh Mandir (Teku Dovan)

12. Taleju Bhawani Temple (Kathmandu Durbar)

13. Kal Bhairab Temple (Kathmandu Durbar)

14. Sankata Temple (Te Bahal, Newroad)

15. Mahankal Temple (Tundikhel)

16. Akash Bhairab Temple (Indrachowk)

17. Bhadrakali Temple (Bhdrakali)

18. Shobha Bhagwati Mandir (Bishumati) 

19. Naxal Bhagawati Temple (Naxal)

20. Budhanilkantha Temple (Budhanilkantha)

21. Bagbhairav Temple (Kirtipur)

22. Dakshinkali Temple (Dakshinkali)

23. Aadi Nath Temple (Chovar)

24. Jalbinayak (Chobhar)

25. Uma Maheshwar Temple (Kirtipur) - 17th century

26. Sesh Narayan Temple (Pharping)

27. Asura Cave temple (Pharping) - 8th century

28. Vajrayogini Temple (Pharping) - 17th century

29. Tarakeswor Mahadev 

30. Boudhanath Stupa (Boudha) - 5th century

31. Sorhakhutte Ganesh (Sorhakhutte)

32. Ram temple (Battisputali)

33. Pulukishi Chhen (Kilagha)

34. Baghbhairav temple (Kirtipur)

35. Uma Maheshwar temple (Kirtipur)

36. Chilancho Stupa (Kirtipur)

37. Annapurna temple (Ason)

38. Swasthani Mata temple (Sankhu)

39. Madhav Narayan temple (Sankhu)

40. Bajrayogini Temple (Sankhu)

41. Kirateshwar Mahadev (Pashupati)

42. Chamunda Devi temple (Jorpati)

43. Tridevi temple (Thamel)

44. Bhagavati temple (Thamel)

45. Manamaiju temple (Manamaiju)

46. Kopan Monastery (Kopan)

Lalitpur District

1. Krishna Mandir (Patan)

2. Kumbeshwar Mandir (Patan)

3. Mahaboudha Temple (Patan)

4. Bhimsen Temple (Patan)

5. Golden Temple (Patan)

6. Ashokan Stupa (Patan)

7. Bangalamukhee Mandir (Patan)

8. Tika Bhairab Mandir 

9. Rato Machhindra Nath Temple (Bungamati)

10. Bajra Barahi Temple (Bajara Barahi),

11. Santaneshwor Mahadev Temple 

12. Bishankhu Narayan (Godavari)

13. Karyabinayak Mandir (Bungamati)

14. Gurdwara Guru Nanak Satsang (Kupondole)

Bhaktapur District

1. Chinnamasta Temple 

2. Changu Narayan Temple

3. Nyatapola Temple  

4. Bhairav Temple 

5. Dattatraya Temple 

6. Doleshwar Mahadev Temple 

7. Suryabinayak Mandir 

8. Nala Bhagavati Temple 

Kavrepalanchowk District

1. Dhaneshwar Mahadev Mandir (Panauti)

2. Palanchowk Bhagwati Temple 

20, 22, and 26 temples explanation is below

20. Budhanilkantha Temple

Budhanilkantha Temple (Narayanthan Temple) is at the base of Shivapuri Hill, 8 km north of Kathmandu city centre. Budhanilkanth is a municipality for 2 December 2014. Kathmandu Valley has four Narayan temples, such as Shesh Narayan (Pharping), Ichangu Narayan (Swayambu), Bishanku Narayan (Godavari), and Changu Narayan temple (Bhaktapur). The Hindu God Narayan has 24 different names. 

Budhanilkantha Temple has a five-meter impressive statue of Sleeping Vishnu. The masterpiece stone sculpture (642 AD) was brought by the people of Bhringareswor (near Bungamati) in the Licchavi King Vishnu Gupta period. God Narayan sleeps in a sunken pond (13 meters long) with a supine position on Shesh Naga (Serpent deity) with its 11 hooded heads rising his protection. The four hands of God Vishnu hold a conch, discus, mace, and lotus flower. Legend says Lord Vishnu sleeps four months in the monsoon. 

Budhanilkantha Temple celebrates an annual festival (Ekadasi Mela) in November. Non-Hindus cannot enter the temple, though they can observe from outside. People celebrate weddings and adult ceremonies at the temple. Tourists can join hiking with bird watching near the Shivapuri Nagarjuna National Park with a superb view of the Himalayas and Kathmandu Valley. Budhanilkantha School and Park Village Resort are near the temple. 

22. Dakshinkali Temple 

Dakshinkali Temple in a forest with a confluence of two streams is 22 km south of Kathmandu. The Goddess Kali is the south (Dakshin) of Pharping village named Dakshinkali (Kali of the south). King Pratap Malla built the Mall Dynasty family deity temple in 1623 AD. They used to sacrifice 108 male animals at the Dashain festival (September-October). The temple with a Tantric Mandala and a human skeleton figure of Masan is on the wall. Hanging photos of eight mothers are nearby. 

Devotees offer male goats, sheep, pigs, buffalo, roosters, and ducks to the Goddess Kali every Saturday and Tuesday. People from Kathmandu Valley visit for worship, picnics and weddings. Local people there sell rooster, vegetables, fruits, and beans. Non-Hindus are not allowed inside the temple. Hike 15 minutes to witness the temple of Mother Goddess. People can visit Daskhinkali by local bus and private vehicle.

26. Shesh Narayan Temple 

Shesh Narayan Temple in Pharping village is 18 km south of Kathmandu. There is a cliff cave and Shesh Narayan Temple. The famous Padmasambhava meditation, Yanglesho Cave (8th century), is also there. It was established in the 4th century, one of the four most popular Narayan temples in Kathmandu Valley. There are two ponds nearby. The Bodhisattva Padmasambhava visited the cave for meditation. Buddhists honour God Narayan as the Lokeswor.